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Fortitudo Baseball

Foreigner players are welcome

                my name is Mauro Mazzotti and I am the Field Manager of the Fortitudo Baseball Club '53 - Bologna, Italy, one of the ten teams in the Italian Professional League.

If you are a baseball player or coach and you are interested in having an international experience overseas, please send me an e-mail with your resume, stats and references and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our League starts at the beginning of April and will last until September.

Fortitudo is a young and enthusiast team, last year we finished in fifth place over .500 and missed the playoffs by just one game, but this coming season we would like to do better, maybe with your help.
Last year, our team signed a friendship agreement with the Seattle Mariners (the first European team to do so). Our players will wear the Mariners logo, some of them and some coaches will be invited to the Mariners spring training and Instructional League, and the Mariners will give us technical and managerial support, sending coaches to Italy on a regular basis. In exchange, they will be able to use our facilities to hold tryouts and training camps with European players.

Italy is a good place to live for a young fellow or for a family guy and Bologna in particular is both a quiet and exciting place at the same time.

Bologna is in the center of Italy, between Florence and Milan, in the Emilia-Romagna region, with a population of 500.000. It's renowned worldwide for its monuments, churches, theaters, the oldest University in Europe and, of course, for its food.
There are two very strong basketball teams, more than fifty movie theaters, a dozen more theaters for plays and opera, a lot of museums, clubs, bars, restaurants etc.
There is an International Airport from where you can fly to all the most important American towns. For the year 2000, Bologna has been named the European Culture town.

You can see a little photo gallery of some peculiar spots of the town.

So hurry up, we're looking forward to hear from you!


Mauro Mazzotti
Mgr - Fortitudo B. C. '53 Bologna, Italy


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